Concealed Weapons in Schools and Churches?

In the last couple of years, there have been a ridiculous amount of mass shootings in public places. Back in 2012, it was the movie theater shooting in Colorado. That same year, Sandy Hooks elementary in Connecticut had a shooting. Most recently the casino shooting in Vegas and the church shooting in Texas. After each tragedy, the public has questioned gun laws and what the government's plan was to prevent such a horrible thing from happening. People have been allowed to carry guns if they have a license, but not in “gun free zones” such as schools, stadiums, concert halls, churches and anywhere where a large group of people would be. But Michigan has recently approved a law that allows licensed gun owners to carry concealed weapons wherever they please. When I first read this, I was baffled. I know that it is impossible to stop people from carrying guns wherever they please, but with the history of mass shootings, never in a million years would I have thought they would allow this. Its almost like they are giving them the green light to shoot a place up. The Senate leader mentioned the Vegas and Texas shooting as reasons why this should be allowed. I think it is completely backwards. All a person needs is 8 hours to complete their training. In my opinion, its an accident waiting to happen and they won't have anyone to blame but themselves. There is no kind of mental evaluation when handing out a gun license. The person who shot up the church in San Antonio could have easily gone to get his gun license, went inside of an establishment in Michigan and had a mental breakdown and have a reason to have the gun on him. Its stupid, irresponsible and will backfire. That’s like giving a thief your house keys and wondering why they robbed you blind. What do you expect? I hope no other states follow this foolishness.