Gal Gadot vs. Brett Ratner

Over the course of the past month, a slew of women have been accusing men in power of sexual assault. Some of these men have been Politicians and journalists, however a majority of the accusations that have come to light are against men who work in Hollywood. 

As these allegations have come to light, many women in the industry have refused to work alongside those accused. One of many powerhouse women who are standing up against sexual assault is the Wonder Woman of our hearts, and of the silver screen, Gal Gadot. 



An unnamed source close to Gadot said that she refuses to play the heroine in the Wonder Woman sequel if Brett Ratner remains on staff, or stands to profit from the film in anyway. 

So far, six women have come forward accusing Ratner of sexual harassment and misconduct. The incidents took place in private homes, on movie sets, as well as at industry events. The first woman to come out, Natasha Henstridge, said she felt empowered by the hundreds of women who have come forward recently, sharing their stories of what they have suffered from at the hands of powerful men and decided to share her own

Henstridge said that in the 90’s when she was a 19 year old model and he was an up and coming music video director, they had been hanging out in front of the TV with friends at his New York apartment when she fell asleep. When she woke up, the others had left and she was alone with Ratner. When she realized they were alone, she attempted to leave but he blocked the doorway with his body and wouldn’t budge. She said that he then began touching himself, and forced her to perform oral sex on him. 

Olivia Munn.jpg

Actress Olivia Munn also came forward and said that while visiting the set of a Ratner directed movie, when she was still an aspiring actress, he masturbated in front of her in his trailer when she went to deliver him a meal. Munn also had several other encounters with the filmmaker where he acted inappropriately. 

Ratner is listed as a producer for the Wonder Woman franchise, as his production company RatPac Entertainment, is the studio that creates the movies. 

**Update: In an interview Wednesday with Savannah Guthrie, the star hinted that he will no longer be involved with the movie, stating that the entire cast and crew “echoed her sentiments”.