Fall Semester 2018

In The Round

About songwriters and the stories behind the lyrics.

Tue-Thu-Sat at 10am.

90s Or Nuthin

Nuthin but the best of the 90s.

Mon-Wed-Fri at 3pm.

In N Out Ur Feels

Mon-Wed-Fri at 9pm.

Study Hour

Lower tempo relaxing music with a nice beat, to have in the background while you study.

Tue-Thu-Sat at 6pm.


Sundays at 11am, 3pm, and 5pm.

Bacon by the Bay

Mon-Wed-Fri at 8am.

Urban Mix

Tue-Thu-Sat at 3pm.

The Philosophy of Chill

Mon-Wed-Fri at 5pm.

Urban Knights After Dark

Tue-Thu-Sat at 9pm.


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