Noah Rivers

Noah is the Senior Program Director at Urban Knights Radio.


Noa Daniels

Noa Daniels is the future Program Director at Urban Knights Radio. She is currently in her Junior year at the Academy studying Media Technologies and Communications. When she isn't working at the station, she is writing, or finding new music. Noa is all about empowering young women, spreading positivity, and striving for equality. 


Kenivah Bockari

Kenivah is a young DJ who was raised in Stockton California and Music Director at Urban Knights Radio. Both of his parents are from Sierra Leone, Africa, where the 23 year old gets a lot of his inspiration from. "DJ Kenzo" as many call him hit the DJ scene in 2015. He started doing little house parties for free or sometimes just $20-$40. He continues to grow as A DJ on air and also at concerts and events. You can hear DJ Kenzo live from 4-6PM every Monday on Urban Knights Radio's Monday Mix, as well as every Friday, Saturday and Sunday at 4PM.